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Vivek Anand Profile

Vivek Anand is an MBA graduate with a passion for ethical business as well as a strong inclination towards empowering the social sector through professionalism.

Background: A second generation business man with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Calcutta, he has worked in sales in the FMCG sector in Reckitt Benckiser after which he has moved to Operations in their family company Deccan Engineering Enterprises where he has been working for the last 9 years.

In this period he has grown the number of companies from 1 to 3 and has also been instrumental in their establishing a new factory in a much larger area. He has not only moved the organisation from a Propreitary firm to a Private Limited level but also helped them to diversify from the regular B2B model to a B2C model in the Luxury Vehicle segment He has achieved a small measure of success in professionalising a family run firm and in scaling up the organisation.

He is also involved in various social activities and is a pivotal team member of the Akshaya Vidya Program in the Ekalavya Foundation which runs study centres in slums across Hyderabad to help prevent drop outs and empower the poorest of the poor.

In his work in the Deccan Group of Companies, he has interacted with various Government organisations as well as Private organisations both large and small.

In spite of seeing the large scale benefits and the spiralling advantages of bribing and following the "Liason Agent" route, he has made a conscious decision to run his organisation on ethical grounds without paying bribes for orders.

He is also a Managing Committee member of the local Industrial Area service society as well where he has garnered a very close understanding of the very potent mix of corruption and bureaucracy.

He will today speak on the various aspects of morality involved in business, the various challenges presented to an Entrepreneur / employee in doing business ethically and what means could be adapted to overcome / adapt to these limitations.